Nearly 18 years ago I walked into my first yoga class. I arrived a fit, athletic, young woman who, in reality, was overly flexible and weak in many key places in the body. I chalked my aches and pains up to the life of an active person and sometimes yoga made them better, but many times yoga made them worse. That pattern stayed consistent all the way through finishing my initial teacher training in 2008.

After having my second child all those little injuries snowballed and I arrived home from the delivery feeling like my body was broken. After spending 2 weeks flat on my back I was scared to do the physical activities I had done before having children because they left me in pain. In fact, daily life left me dealing with tension headaches, neck pain, low back pain and I wet my pants when I sneezed.

But, I was a yoga teacher. This wasn’t supposed to happen to me! I knew so much about the body, yet I was living with chronic pain.

I refused to believe that my body was supposed to be broken after having children. I had a strong desire to ‘fix’ myself and be who I was before I had children. The tables turned when I realized I didn’t need to ‘fix’ my body. Trying to fix it lead to more frustration, pain and upset. I needed to redefine my relationship with it, move more and move differently so I wasn’t living in opposition to the state of my being. What followed was a multi-year study of yoga as therapy and Nutritious Movement ™.

As I put together new understanding of the body through biomechanics, movement, pain science, and the power of looking at the whole body and breath to resolve physical ailments, good function returned to my body. My tension headaches were gone, my pelvic floor issues resolved and I could be active again. I learned to do yoga in a way that always leaves me feeling better and I learned to teach yoga that way too.

Now, I’m on a mission to help women change their bodies and get back to living life the way they want. I show women how to become the master of their body – moving with intention, control and coordination. They gain the ability to move through life with less pain, more strength and stability and the ability to sneeze without fear!

My work is grounded in compassion and a belief in the power of awareness and skill building to lead to change. It took me years and many injuries to understand the value of slowing down and listening to the wisdom my body had to offer me. I strive to meet clients where they are and together we create a place of balance and strength and stability.

The fine print of my qualifications:

A 500 hour certified Yoga Instructor, Sarah trained with Barbara Benagh in the slow flow method, a fusion of Iyengar and Hatha yoga and has gone on to study yoga as therapy with top yoga therapists in North America. She has completed year 1 of certification in Nutritious Movement with Katy Bowman. A classically trained singer, she is member of the National Association of Teachers of Singing (NATS), and the Voice Foundation. She holds a Masters in Vocal Pedagogy as well as a Masters in Vocal Performance, both from The Ohio State University. She has completed additional coursework in Voice Disorders through the MGH Institute of Health Professions and done additional studies in The Estill Method and Lovetri’s Somatic Voicework. A member of Harvard’s Holden Voice Faculty for 13 years, she has presented workshops on the body for professional and amateur singers at the National NATS Conference (2016) New England Regional NATS summer conferences (2009, 2011), the Buckeye NATS chapter (2010), the Boston NATS Chapter (2012) as well at colleges and universities and secondary schools around Boston. She has taught yoga in the Greater Boston area since 2008.


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