Alignment and the Voice

Alignment and the Voice:

Understanding the Whole Body is Your Instrument

November 17th 12pm (EST) – recording available for those who cannot attend live


Every body is the same in terms of structural components, but every body is different in the way postural limitations display themselves and how they are felt.

Have you heard or used physical cues like, unlock the kneestuck the pelvisgrip the toeslift the sternum, as a way of working with a singer’s body?

Have you heard or used cues like, stand like a string is extending out of the top of your head…within your pelvis is a bowl of soup…stars in alignment, as a way of working with a singer’s body?

The subjective language of imagery can be interpreted differently by each brain. Physical cues of moving a body part may appear to resolve an issue outwardly, but how do you know that bending the knees is actually getting the pelvis aligned? Seldom do any of these cues prompt us to look at the root cause for why one’s posture is less than optimal nor does it give us a basis from which to work to remedy postural limitations.

In this interactive online workshop we will look in depth at the physical body, explore the concept of casting as a way of better understanding the limiting postural patterns typically present in modern bodies. Through the use of bony markers you will be guided to bring your body into alignment and learn how to use alignment as a tool to assess the body, eliminating the need for subjective language or incorrect physical adjustments. There will be time at the end for Q & A.


Workshop details:

Workshop will be taught online via Zoom*.

Once your registration is received an online link will be sent to join the training.

Training includes handouts, downloadable recording of the session and follow up videos.

*If you are interested, but cannot join live, a recording will be available after the workshop is concluded. All recordings will be available for download so you have permanent access to the training.


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