One Voice: Vibrant, Fearless, Aligned

Your voice has something to say, and it needs to be heard.

Your voice is one of your top professional tools and the primary way you communicate your identity to others. It is through your voice that you convey your expertise, captivate with your storytelling and connect with your audience. Whether you are speaking from a stage, in a classroom, a boardroom or over a podcast, you need a voice that can go the distance without getting tired, tense, hoarse or derailed by nerves.

I believe we all have just one voice.

  • A voice that reflects the core of our values and beliefs.
  • A voice that is resonant and free, filled with emotion and color.
  • A voice that is the same no matter where you are using it.

Unfortunately, few people are connected enough to their body, breath and mind to speak in an unencumbered way.

This work is for you if:

  • You are tired of being owned by your nerves when you speak in public.
  • You get feedback from others that your voice is ‘weird’.
  • You get vocally tired, tense or hoarse after using for voice for an extended time.
  • You know you aren’t expressing your true self when you speak.
  • You have been told you speak with glottal fry.
  • You aren’t getting jobs, clients or sales because you aren’t engaging with others.
  • You want to start a podcast, record online classes or start speaking in public, but you are too self conscious about your voice.

If you answered yes to even one of those, this work is for you. Each of the above issues are a signal that you are not using your one voice that reflects the core of who you are.

Speaking with a voice that is connected to your breath, your core and your mind, means you are standing in your personal power embodying the messages you communicate to the world.

In these sessions we use my integrated, body-mind-voice method that pulls from the principles of vocal production and interweaves the mindful practices of yoga.

Discover your one voice:

  • Raise your awareness of how you use your voice now.
  • Release physical and mental tensions that hold your voice back.
  • Build a new set of breathing, vocalizing and thinking skills to use your voice more efficiently.
  • Create a tailored daily practice to awaken and energize your body, mind and voice.
  • Integrate your one voice into every part of your life.

Schedule your free 30 minute vocal strategy session over skype today.


60 minute Sessions can be scheduled in person or via Skype.

4, 8 and 12 week sessions are available.


What people are saying:


“..working with you gave me the ability and confidence to express myself in a way I never thought I could.” Ken B., Actor

Excerpt from Podcast Episode 39, Happier  with Gretchen Rubin

Elizabeth: “Sarah weighed in about my voice….and, this was a great email…Sooo, I mean this is fascinating to me and I have to say she nailed it, because I do have persistent acid reflux….”

Gretchen: “I mean, it is just extraordinary that she can just be listening to your voice and get all this information from it. It is fascinating to me.”

Listen to the full episode here.


“My voice is doing quite well. You helped me tremendously.” ~Dani Hemmat, Co-Host of the award winning Katy Says Podcast

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