Whole Body Balance Videos

Ready to move your body better for less pain, greater stability, strength and flexibility?

Whole Body Balance – 4 yoga based videos for every body


These 4 yoga based videos look at the whole body, giving you manageable practices to explore:

  1. Whole Body Warm Up
  2. Shoulders and Upper Back
  3. Pelvis and Core
  4. Moving the Spine 6 ways

Bonus video – psoas and iliacus release

Each video runs between 15 and 20 minutes. Give yourself the gift of slowing down, releasing tension and reconnecting to your body today!


All videos will be released on June 20th. Once your purchase is received, you will get a confirmation email. On June 20th emails will be sent out with passwords to access the set of videos.


“Sarah offers what you look for (but don’t always find) in a yoga teacher: clear instructions, solid understanding, curiosity and creativity.” — Liz C., Yoga Teacher


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