2017 Schedule

Restore Your Pelvic Floor

November 4th 1-4pm – Roots Studio at Roots and Wings, Natick, MA

$80 early bird through Oct 20th

All workshop sales are final.


Pelvic Floor Problems are common but NOT normal. Don’t let sneeze pee keep you from living life the way you want!
In this introductory workshop we look at the A, B’s and C’s of restoring your body to better function:

A: Alignment – when the body is aligned well, the core and pelvic floor can work their best. We get everyone’s body into alignment and see what postural patterns are displayed.
B1: Breathing – there is a direct link between how we breathe and how the pelvic floor functions. When we find an optimal breath, the pelvic floor can do its job well.
B2: Brain – healing always has a mental component. We identify where you want to be – what activities do you want to do without pain/leakage etc, we honor your story of how you got where you are and we get the brain on board to move towards better function.
C: Coordination, Control and Compensations: We explore different ways of moving to release tension and build strength and stability in the whole body – with practices that warm up the body, release tension in the shoulders/neck and wake up the deep core. We learn the ways our body wants to compensate when we lack mobility, borrowing movement from joints and creating patterns that are unhelpful.

Registration fee includes a 1/2 foam roller, a set of whole body exercises to build strength and reconnect with the core and pelvic floor as well as a relaxing breathing meditation.

All sales final.



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